Tiger Tiger: What Are You Thinking?

Shortly after Tiger Woods’  back surgery in March of 2014, I wrote a piece on another blog with the above title.

I wasn’t concerned about  his choosing to have surgery. It sounds like the herniated disc needed to be repaired.I was concerned that what caused the disc to deteriorate wasn’t being talked about or dealt with. I have watched Tiger since he came on the tour. Those who know me will tell you that I predicted back trouble in the future for Tiger. Why?

Well….it’s not directly  because of his hard swing as one might suspect . If you take a close look at Tiger’s walking pattern you will notice a very distinct rolling around the hips (the wiggle in his walk). This is caused by pelvic sacroiliac joints that are not functioning properly. He has lost the normal “flip” “flop” motion of a normal walking pattern. This wiggle not only changes his gait but puts great added stress on his lower back which can lead to premature degeneration of lower back discs. Add to this scenario powerful gluteal and upper leg muscles and you have a disaster waiting to happen.

Watch this video and you will see what I mean.


Tiger has tried twice to return to the tour and twice has been forced to withdraw with back spasms.

Am I surprised……no. The underlying problem (the wiggle in his walk) has still not been dealt with and is still causing a mechanical breakdown in the lumbar spine.