The Wiggle In Your Walk Must Go
It may be damaging your back                                                  How to tell, how to prevent!

by Dr. Richard H. Robson

It is easy to take for granted the marvel and complexity of those things that we do without thinking. Walking for instance. The modern human gait is a sophisticated choreography of balance and motion that has evolved over millions of years. And we rarely think about it until something changes. If you have begun to notice a small hitch in your step, it could be the precursor to major back problems, especially in women. Dr. Richard Robson wants to help you recognize and isolate the wiggle in your walk and help head off future lower back issues. Learn how to recognize and eliminate your wiggle and take back your natural gait once and for all.

Dr. Richard H. Robson photo

Dr. Richard H. Robson Author

With forty years of experience as a chiropractor, Dr. Robson has helped hundreds of women eliminate problematic wiggles in their walk. Dr. Robson lives in Thunder Bay, Ontario, with his wife Judy and has three grown children.

Dr. Robson is a corporate speaker on health, wellness and chiropractic issues. The Wiggle in Your Walk Must Go is his first book